Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Local Wino Brand 2010

The Local Wino brand has been around since 2005. Originally started as an information portal, wine forum and resource site, the goal was to eventually grow the brand in to a comprehensive wine site that would encompass "everything wine". I am proud to say that we have finally arrived...well, almost.

In the coming weeks, LocalWino.com will re-launch as a more consumer friendly wine commerce site as well as a complete wine information portal, wine forum and social media channel outlet.

The site will include the following key marketing entities:

Working directly with wineries and/or winemaker's personal projects, the site showcases the best 'hidden gems' to purchase from wine country. This is the primary commerce site where we will expose exclusive wine labels and brands that are very limited production or non-distributed wines. We will also put a big emphasis on good 'value' wines, whether a premium brand or just a great new discovery.

Local Wino Print Catalog
Featuring over 20 specialty wines from premium wine partners and winemakers, the 20-page catalog is an ideal direct marketing piece highlighting exclusive wines, utilizing mailings and consumer events, and fulfilling requests for more information about our line up of wines. The catalog can be mailed or downloaded directly from the LocalWino.com site.

A new venture built to capitalize on social media chatter directly within the wine channel. Wino Rewards will be designed to track, monetize and reward persons who are legitimately posting in this space. 'Wino Points' will be assigned to various categories of social media activity and can then be redeemed to purchase wine at discounts on LocalWino.com, Wino merchandise and/or VIP tasting experiences at any of our wine partners. This creates incentive for rapid growth of social media chatter which highlights our products and partnerships.

Local Wino Forum
A wine discussion forum that is designed to bring locals together in all things wine. Organized globally or by city, the forum is unique in that wine discussions take on a more intimate approach. Locals can not only discuss wine, but have location commonality to bring them together in the vast world of wine.

Wino W.O.W!
As a byproduct of the weekly 'Chief Wino Explores' feature on the blog, LW will showcase a value "Wine Of the Week" revealing the inside-scoop on a great 'wine find' which we will then make available for sale until it sells out or until the next 'find' is posted the following week.

'Wino IQ' Question of the Day
Visitors can sign up to receive a daily emailed wine 'question of the day' to learn more about the world of wine just by checking their in-box at their convenience.

Local 'Wino X-ing' Merchandise
Having some fun along the way, the T-shirts and Hats display the Local Wino and 'Wino X-ing' logos that will allow you to express your true wino side and be the "local wino".

Now that the Local Wino brand is cohesively under one roof, consumers will now have several reasons to visit, shop, learn, explore, share and enjoy the world of wine with invaluable local knowledge and inside scoop at their fingertips.

We look forward to sharing all that wine country has to offer in the coming weeks and months and invite you to enjoy the ride along the way with us.

Till the next sip, swirl ya' later!

Chief Wino